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First time applicants need however to apply at the university to be eligible to hand in a NSFAS application form. No acceptance letter is needed to hand in the NSFAS application form. May I mail my application No e-mailed or faxed applications will be accepted. Postal applications will be accepted before the closing date if all regarded as unsuccessful. The University of Johannesburg does not take responsibility for undelivered or missing postal applications. Mail your Academic and NSFAS...
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your application is successful, we will ask you to give copies of your certificate of completion and your loan status. If we do not hear from you (within three months) after that point, you will no longer be eligible to apply. Application form: For Office/Business College Students, please obtain from the Financial Aid Office; for other applicants, please obtain from Student Services Contact details For questions about the NSFAS, please see the relevant question on the application form. For questions about your current or previous NSFAS loan, please contact Student Accounts.<|endoftext|>By: Michael Hey guys! Been a while since I posted anything for my blog. But here it is once again because… I wanted to let you know about my new hobby! I am always fascinated with the beauty of insects, and the many wonders they provide. I've been trying to identify a few of them on my own, without too much success. But now I finally have an opportunity to use my own skills to study some of the most common species, and create my own new insect identification guides for you guys on the site! And I thought you guys might like this first attempt! (I didn't plan it that way, but I think he worked out okay. I would never have thought for a second that it was so easy!) This species is often found on plants, which is great for the identification. It can be hard to see here, but when you notice it, it's hard to miss it! The most likely way you will mistake it for the Bittacidae is its long antennae. They have an unusual looking, elongated "leg," instead of the longer "leg" of other butterflies. I decided to take it into a winged/hibernate position to better display it. It could be a little darker, but I couldn't wait any longer, so I used that light as the background, to give a better view. It was amazing to see that this species has two different colors! The white color is quite distinct, but if you look closely, there's another spot on the body. It's very similar to this butterfly: Click the image to the left to see it! I could only find one species like this one, so it was a little hard finding out the actual name for this particular bug. But here it is: Bicyclope obliqua. I had a few more images to take
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Now that you have registered your details-on-demand and a sparse account you can now continue to log in using your username as well as your password I am now logging in once you are logged in you will see your dashboard and in order to create the online application you need to click on the apply tab I am currently a grade 12 student and need to select the year for which I am applying, so that will be in 2017, and now I need to indicate my preferred institution as well as my planned course of study please note that your first choice will be considered as your preferred course I plan to study at the Durbin University of Technology, and now I need to indicate the faculty or Department and lastly select the planned qualification please save your selection has been saved please click here to continue with the online application step 1 requires your study details I have already indicated the institution the faculty or department as well as the planned qualification what accommodation type will you make use of seeing that I currently stay in Cape Town I will be needing accommodation for when I arrive in Durban, so I will select the accommodation type do you need funding for meals this only applies if meals are not provided by the residency, so I will select yes which require funding for travel to the university or college I will select yes in this case please indicate that the stands between the accommodation and the university or T vet College in kilometers I will now enter the distance move on to the next page step two requires your highest completed academic level what are you doing this year I am currently in school please select your highest academic level achieved in my case that would be great eleven the name of the institution where you achieved your highest academic level I will now enter the name of my school and lastly your average result you can now move on to the next page step three is about financial assistance are you receiving any financial assistance for your current studies I am currently in school, and I'm not receiving any financial assistance, so I will select now and move on to the next page step four requires your family information please note that if you are married or have supported yourself for more than three years or if both your parents are deceased, and you have no legal guardian then you are considered an independent applicant, and you do not need to provide details for your parents you will however need to provide details of the family members who are living with you and dependent on the income that your family has identity documents for all those living in your household will need to be submitted how many people are there in your family including yourself that will be four people now I need to provide the details for each of my family member I will start with my father is this family member deceased No select the title enter the name the surname and the ID number is this person your next of kin no enter the cell phone...
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